Photo of Dana Miller by Steve Pruitt 2007

photo by Dana Miller at the AWT contest 2014

Been a photo enthusiast for over 38 years but have focused on it the past 12 years. My former husband Steve Pruitt passed away in 2008. He left me all of his cameras and a library of his photographs both digital and film of his favorite places catching windsurfing in Gold Beach, the desert magnificence of Joshua Tree National Park, and all over New Mexico, Utah and Idaho. That camera bounty kept me busy taking photos and then I wanted to upgrade to a full frame camera so I bought the Canon EOS 6D with video 5 years ago and have not looked back...except with gratitude for the mentoring of Dana Miller to bring much inspiration to my work shooting him and all other important events in my life. I am especially enjoying the learning from Creative Live, Photoshopcafe, and a local camera club I joined in Florence in 2016.

My lens focuses on pets and family portraits, landscape, flowers, gardens, birds and special events, windsurfing when conditions and availabilty prevail.

Prefer to be outdoors, dancing on the beach. Passionate about music, photography, art, video and cooking scratch from whole foods. Enjoy friends, reading, music, singing, painting, writing, editing and watching the occasional movie. Recently have begun Stand Up paddling on my lake I live on, and nearby ones since the core work is exceptional and you see nature in a different perspective with water lilies and many birds.

With over 50 years of work experience in sales, management and marketing I enjoy working with people who know what they want and like.              contact me at: